• Skeptic Kozobiani

    Skeptic Kozobiani

    Maths-Auditing-Finance. #Critical-thinker #Humanist #PassionateOfScience #GlobalWarmingMatters

  • John DeCleene

    John DeCleene

    Singapore-based fintech specialist. http://www.datadriveninvestor.com

  • Hari Pillai

    Hari Pillai

    SDR @Common Surface

  • Sam Tucker

    Sam Tucker

  • Lucho Poletti

    Lucho Poletti

    Bitcoin Artist, Propagandist. Builder of the best bitcoin art shop you've ever seen 🎨 luchopoletti.com

  • Shash Pattekar

    Shash Pattekar

    Natural World Disciple. Nomadic Conservation Photographer. Recovering Economist. Trying to write my values.

  • Justin Chan, Ph.D.

    Justin Chan, Ph.D.

    Founder of DataDrivenInvestor.com and JCube Capital Partners. justinchan@datadriveninvestor.com

  • A. S. Deller

    A. S. Deller

    Science writer. You support me as a writer as well as Predict by joining Medium through my referrals page: https://asdeller.medium.com/membership

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